New House, St Leonards

Replacement dwelling for a private client

This replacement dwelling for a private client was designed as a part single, part double storey pavilion building, offering views out to the surrounding woodland landscape in all directions through heavily glazed facades.

Different materials were used at ground and first floor to visually reduce the mass of the building. The dark linear bricks at the base and chimneys anchor the building to the ground and support the lighter vertical timber cladding above, which will be left to silver naturally over time.

The design has monopitch roofs at both ground and first floor, with projecting canopies to provide solar shading, framed views and to soften the edges of the building. The slender roof fins return down the building to form walls that reflect the aesthetics of the branches and trunks of the trees adjacent.

Both of the monopitch roofs are covered with wildflower meadow mats to attract biodiversity and further blend the dwelling into the landscape.

In keeping with the simple style of the building, the internal layout was also kept simple with open plan living/kitchen/dining at ground floor, bedrooms at 1st floor and utility spaces and circulation joining the two in a central core. A basement was also included to provide additional floor areas without causing any detrimental impact on the Green Belt.

Interior Design: Jane Duncan Interiors (further photos pending)