New House, Cryers Hill

A traditional style, brick and flint replacement dwelling located in the Green Belt.

The new house is a traditional, rural farmhouse design, referencing the rural vernacular with brick and flint walls, a clay tiled roof, and an oak entrance porch. The garage and single-story elements of the main house are clad in black timber boarding to echo the local, agricultural barns and the overall bulk is broken up by these individual elements, a positive in Green Belt terms.

The property measures some 4,500sqft over 4 stories and includes a basement with a home cinema. This is a great room to add and can be lovely for the family to spend plenty of quality evenings, especially when combined with TV and internet bundle deals that can be found at Home cinemas are such a lovely addition to any home and are a desirable feature for a number of prospective buyers. If you’re thinking of installing a home cinema yourself, there are several other things to consider and you should make sure to have a good surround sound system installed that can create the perfect atmosphere for the room. You can click here for more info. It was constructed in 2 phases, phase 1 was a replacement of the existing chalet bungalow on the site and phase 2 included a significant extension to the new house.

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