New House, Chorleywood

A new modern family home located in the Green Belt, AONB and Chorleywood Conservation Area.

The project consisted of a substantial refurbishment and extensive remodelling of the interior. The house had been extended at various stages since the 1980’s and required a complete overhaul of the layout to simplify and then extend to create a modern welcoming family home.

A new modern family home located in the Green Belt, AONB, and Chorleywood Conservation Area.

The house measures some 5,500sqft overall and includes a flexible ground floor plan (a party friendly home), 5 bedrooms, a basement wine cellar, and connections between the house and garden. The final design is a product of close collaboration between the client, architect, interior designer, and landscape designer. Due to the extensive renovations, the plumbing of the home was refurbed and refitted with new taps and radiators. Places like Apollo Plumbing, provided this service, and using a good plumber was important for this build because it is not a new house and even though the house is not that old it is enough time for pipes to decrease in quality, effecting the refurbishment of the property. Overall, the effects of all these teams coming together to renovate this home led to a successful finished product.

The house was shortlisted for the Chiltern Design Awards 2012, and the landscaped gardens have won several design awards including 3 at the Society of Garden Designers Awards 2013.

Landscape Architecture: WMS,
Contractor: Manorgrove Homes,
Stone Specialist: Ian Knapper,