Interior/Exterior Remodel & Refurbishment, Chorleywood

Complete remodel both inside and out with interior design for a young couple.

The house although only built 10 years previously was very dated which did not suit this newly married couple’s taste at all. We transformed both inside and out merging the small garden into the house for perfect modern living. This also included getting rid of any unnecessary things from the garden, so we got in some shed removal services and got a gardener to tidy up the flower beds. They gave us ideas on what they were looking for, such as how they envisioned their exterior doors, they sent us this link – for reference.

Getting the technicals of the apartment sorted was the most difficult part, making sure that all the pipes were healthy, the windows and walls were insulated and the HVAC systems were of a high enough quality. It was important to get all the plumbing (from companies like, gas, and electrics done before we remodeled because we did not want the couple to experience any issues when they moved into their apartment. It would be disastrous if any of our designs and expensive furniture were to be damaged by a minor fault in the technical systems of the apartment. In terms of HVAC systems, it was important that it worked correctly so that when they moved in they could feel extremely comfortable and relaxed within their newly designed apartment. To get a high-quality HVAC system, a reliable service was required, like those on this website.

The apartment was completely transformed and we believe that after listening to the couple’s briefings and preferences, the criteria were all met and the most beautiful atmosphere was created within the apartment.

    Jane Duncan Interiors supplied and dressed the apartment with all finishes, fixtures, fittings and furniture.

    Contractor: Coleman Myers

Top Notch Designs Ltd

Joinery: Luke Jones Furniture

Landscape: Cool Gardens