Extensions & Alterations, Beaconsfield

The project includes extension and alteration works to create a 7 bedroom home for a large family whilst also improving the energy performance of the property.

Internally on the first floor, the long, thin house plan has been divided up to create a ‘kids’ end and an ‘adults’ end. The kid’s end includes 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms while the adult’s end includes the master suite and 2 guest bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms.

To the front and side of the property, we added a new garage with a bedroom overhead and a new study. For the garage, we selected a quality door and opening system as some lower quality (and some decorative) garage doors can break down easily. If the client is having to call in an emergency garage door repair in Irvine to fix this more often than their neighbour does, it does not reflect well on the project.

To the rear of the house, the extension work was predominantly at the first-floor level where we built over the existing, single-story family room; this presented an interesting structural challenge.

Careful brick detailing to the new elements is designed to complement, but not detract, from the existing, timber-framed, gable above the entrance door.

As well as improving insulation throughout the property, the new plumbing and heating system includes an air source heat pump and hot water solar panels. To make sure the plumbing is always on top form, the residents of the home will need to do their own thorough research into plumbers within the immediate area that can come to them at any point for essentials and emergency issues. They may want to pop over to these guys at macvik.com to see how they can help and find out if they deal in this region, alternatively, residents may want to look into their local listings especially if they are new to this location.