Listed building Development, Amersham

Conversion of a Grade 2 Listed farmhouse and outbuildings, into 3 new luxury homes. [Phase 2 of 3]

This is the second phase of the development and concerns the conversion of the existing barn and garage into a new dwelling.

Phase 2 of the renovation included some very important aspects of the property and surrounding outbuildings. At this phase, it was time to take a greater look into the existing barn and garage so we could further design additional features. This also included looking at the roof, windows and new entry/ exit points. On a glance, most of the outbuildings required a new roof since the previous roof had been shot to pieces over the years of exposure to the elements! For such a job, we would need to contact a roofing contractor, roofing round rock would be our first choice if we were in the US (I’ve done some renovations out there before) but we’re in the UK, so it would appear we’d take a trip to the pub and find some roofers!

Phase 1:

Phase 3: